The Building Hope Foundation Inc. in collaboration with The Needs Clearing House Inc. installed a new Bilco door and repaired the basement access for the Blessed Sacrament food pantry located at 275 Union Avenue Bridgeport, CT on August 27th. 

The food pantry serves hundreds of local residents in need, providing them with fresh produce, canned goods, basic staples and baked goods. These items are donated by the Connecticut Food Bank, other local parishes, local merchants and individuals on a weekly basis. Much of the fresh produce comes from Father Skip's Parking Lot Farm.

The repair of the basement entry way will mitigate a previously unsafe condition. It will also provide a much easier way to load and unload the food pantry's storage area saving the facility the many additional volunteer labor hours required to restock their shelves.

The Building Hope Foundation and the NCH are non-profit organizations.  The Building Hope Foundation was established by the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Fairfield County to invest funds, time and expertise donated by its members. 

NCH endeavors to match charitable needs with individuals and organizations that can meet those needs.  Originally contacted by Blessed Sacrament, NCH forged the partnership with the Building Hope Foundation to meet the needs of the church and the community.

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Our vision is to make a difference in the families and service members of this community that will last a lifetime. 

Building Hope Foundation Board Members Michael DeRosa, Andrew La Sala, Steve Berko, and Michael Church, Father Skip Karcsinski and Ann LeStrange, Director of the Food Bank at Blessed Sacrament.

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Basement Access and Repairs for Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry