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Onix and his brother John, live with their mother Wilma in a two story home near St. Vincent's Hospital.  After living in her former home for nearly ten years they were forced to move to another location.  Both young men have Cerebral Palsy, a disorder in the brain that affects the control of movement, posture, and balance.  It is the one of the most common movement disorders found in children.  At their new residence there is an insufficient means of access in and out of the home.

After speaking with the family and seeing the challenges their current temporary ramp brings to them, the Building Hope Foundation Board
worked with architects, suppliers, and contractors to come up with plans for construction of a new ramp and walkway for easier access in and out of the their home.

Thanks to Interstate Lakeland Lumber for donating the materials, VASE Construction and A Preferred Roofing and Contracting for their assistance in the build, and Needs Clearing House, Inc. and Disability Resource Network, Inc. for bringing this project to our foundation.  Special thanks to Senator Richard Blumenthal for attending the unveiling and his work with the disabled.


Building Hope Foundation Projects

Senator Blumenthal Attends Ramp Unveiling